Lean Library: so many popups!

Can I stop Lean Library from displaying popups on sites I regularly visit?


While Lean Library's popups can be informative the first time you visit a site, if you are a frequent visitor seeing the same popup over and over can quickly get annoying. How to silence some of Lean Library's messages:

Changing Lean Library Settings to Allow Suppressing PopupsLean Library popup with Settings circled
New version popup

Click the Lean Library extension/add-on icon, or wait until you see the popup again. When it appears, click "Settings" (or the gear icon).


In the next screen, find and click the "Advanced Settings" link, near the "Save" button at bottom.LL settings with let me decide selected

In the newer version of the extension, look for Notifications in the sidebar. (Click to expand.)Lean Library Quick settings


On the Advanced Settings Screen, look for the "Pop-up Message Preferences" section, and check the box (or the slider) next to "Let me decide the types of messages I see.

Advanced settings with popup preferences

Suppressing Popups

Lean Library popup with Don't Show messageThe next time Lean Library displays a popup, look for (and click) "Don't show me this message again." Lean Library will close the popup and you shouldn't see the message on subsequent visits to the same site.

(Note this will not display on all Lean Library popups, just those that can be suppressed.) 

Managing Suppression Rules

If you change your mind and want to start displaying the suppressed popups again, go back into Advanced Settings. Below the checkbox for "Don't show me this message again" will be a new section -- "Messages I've hidden" with a list of websites where you've told Lean Library to hide messages. Click the grey "X" next to a site to delete it from the list, and restore Lean Library's popups every time you visit the site.

Hiding Additional Popups: Automating Lean Library Authentication

Often Lean Library's popups notify you of Library access to the article/book you're viewing. (These usually say "Get Access" on the button.) You can hide these popups and have Lean Library automatically reload your webpage through the Library's proxy.

Go to "Settings" (gear icon) and click "Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups." Then click Save.  The next time you visit a website in Lean Library's list of "library websites," Lean Library will automatically redirect you through the library proxy server. (You may need to log in with your NetID when this happens.)

Want more information or have other questions about Lean Library? Contact the Electronic Resources & Serials Unit.


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